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Newspaying Nigeria is a brand of news platform that curate news and social  happenings all around Nigeria from local, bloggers at large and Nigerian branded newspaper online sites, Apple News,  Punch Newspapers  to share to our ‘blogoshpere’ of readers the latest news.

Introducing Newspaying Income Earning Bundle


Newspaying Income Earning Bundle is just a way Nigerians and everyone wherever you are can be rewarded, get paid and at the same time earn with us while enjoying reading quality informative contents on our Platform.

As a Newspaying Member on our site, There are about 10 ways to earn and get paid at the end of the week from us which I am going to explain here.

There are about 3 ways to earn with Newspaying Earning Bundle Program


  1. NEWSPAYING ACTIVITY EARNINGS: which is also called NEWSPAYING EARNINGS is the general involvement of a Newspaying member to make comments, read our news, active daily login, active daily site visit, share our sponsored posts, view pages.

  1. NEWSPAYING AFFILIATE PROGRAM: This is also referred to as your AFFILIATE EARNINGS. Once a Newspaying members gets approved on the system after successful registration online by the system, you automatically become an affiliate. You would be able to notice your affiliate environment when you login to Newspaying Platform. As a Newspaying Affiliate, you earn very huge on the system. Newspaying would pay you almost ₦1,000 for a successful referral of anyone who joins Newspaying Earning Bundle Program through you. You would earn an instant 50% Affiliate Commission which is ₦1,000 sent to your NEWSPAYING AFFILIATE ACCOUNT. (Your balancee would automatically update upon your successful referral). The more persons you refer, the more earnings you would be making. Let’s assume, you refer 20 persons to Newspaying, you would be earning, let’s say ₦1,000 X 20 = ₦20,000 exclusively paid to you. (You would also get NEWSPAYING EARNINGS) as well.
  2. NEWSPAYING  POST SHARING EARNING: This is also referred to as your   POST EARNINGS.   sharing news or post on Various  social platform 

We wish to state it that, you can also decide to be involved in Newspaying Earnings general activities if you cannot refer anyone . SEE HERE


As a registered user on Newspaying Earning Bundle Program – there are about 10 ways to earn on the system which we would be explaining subsequently.
  1. You’ll earn ₦1,000 money when you refer your friends, family and coworkers to NEWSPAYING earning Program. The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your AFFILIATE EARNINGS Account Balance.

  2. You’LL earned ₦100  bonus funds when you successfully registered your account. The funds is already in your NEWSPAYING EARNINGS BALANCE.

  3. You’ll earn ₦5 money by making good and well constructed comments relating to the article you are reading. (You will also earn ₦2 when you reply a comment of someone in an article).

  4. You’ll earn ₦2 money when you read our POSTS on Newspaying and from our

  5. You’ll earn ₦30-₦100 for sharing our to your social media handle for the day.

  6. You’ll earn ₦100 when you submit a well constructed, informative post and approved post to the Newspaying Community.

  7. You’ll earn ₦0.5 liking any post published on

  8. You’ll earn ₦1 for daily login

  9. You earn a slice of the ₦11 Million Naira Monthly Ad revenue from Newspaying Advertisers as we share our advertising revenue with you up to ₦1,000,000 could be paid in ad sharing revenue with you at the end of the year and send them to your account upon your withdrawal request. This Yearly Ad earnings is a 5% of all your AFFILIATE EARNINGS. It depends on your activities on Newspaying. Your activities of your earnings is constantly credited as our advertisers pay for Ad revenue with us.

  10. You earn ₦200 per coupon code sale profits from being a NEWSPAYING COUPON VENDOR. – PLEAS SEE MORE HERE to become a Newspaying Coupon Vendor.


Newspaying as a Publishing arm generates 100% of her revenue from advertising. Which means for every ad clicked on our site. We make money on our platform which in turn is shared among our readers every week.


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Attention! Newspaying Comment Warnings!

1. Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

2. Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words.

3. Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. Newspaying would deduct all earnings from your Account.

4. Do NOT in anyway copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again..

5. Newspaying does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on Newspaying allowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

6. Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed once per comment, per post and subject to all rules as stated above.

You can read more regarding our comment policy here.