Earning Disclaimer


We need to sound it clear to you that even though we pay so much bonuses and share our ad revenue with our users (Newspaying Members), we are not a ‘money-giving-spree’ program that doesn’t know what to do but to start a jamboree and start paying to random Bank accounts. Newspaying is a business entity. This means if you just sit there and do not partake in almost all the activities on our platform. You would end up not making money on our platform – now we are very serious.

You need to have a great sense of enthusiasm, the passion and entrepreneurial spirit to make massive returns.

Any Member can wish to withdraw their earnings but based on the minimum of 2 REFERRALS or a member can withdraw their earnings using the NON-REFERRAL OPTIONAL Rule. This means you can earn, withdraw and do not refer anyone on Newspaying with our NON-REFERRAL OPTIONAL RULE. In plain terms, it means Referral is not compulsory on Newspaying to make withdrawals but we always advice everyone not to limit themselves to their earnings as they are much more earnings to harness and earn. See details here of the Referral Optional rule.



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