Cash Out Policy

This update is very IMPORTANT to all Members!

Make sure you inform your prospects and referrals who are joining, already joined on Platform.

Broadcast this new update to your groups.

As we grow, get to advance and even learn more regarding the ever expanding Earning Bundle / Publishing Blogoshpere, we tend to make this change of how you place WITHDRAWAL on and get paid weekly. weekly withdrawal still stands because this is the signature of our terms since inception of the brand. has changed Payment platform successfully. We have now moved to a robust Payment platform that would send your payouts automatically henceforth no matter the volume of request of members who wants to get paid. WITHDRAWAL PORTAL would now be only opened on MONDAY. This means for every Member who has an accumulated earnings of ( EARNINGS + SP EARNINGS + AFFILIATE EARNINGS) = ₦5000 can place a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST By Monday. The WITHDRAWAL PORTAL would now be opened henceforth every Monday from 12:00am Mid Night and closes by 11:59PM.

Originally, Withdrawal is always opened from Monday and shut on Friday, but now, the reverse is now the objective so we can have enough time to attend to reviewing members who needs to get paid on the platform.


The valid reason for this change is because as we grow continually, eligibility for withdrawal takes 80% of our time. We have to review each account, check your account if you have posted the SPONSOR POST, check your Twitter and Facebook Profile, Check if you have been engaging in posting the SPONSOR POST accurately, check if your account matches your details.

Our system would have to calculate your real earnings that would be paid to you, remove the Spam Earnings, deduct your Affiliate Earnings, Check for fraudulent members who places fake withdrawal, check for fake earnings, check for fake accounts and a lot of reviews go under the backend.


This subjects us a lot of time. We have increased the staff base who review the WITHDRAWAL REQUESTS to 17. Our developers who specialized in deductions of Funds of withdrawal are now 5 on coupled with over 6 Admins on This takes a lot of time. Each account takes about 20mins to be reviewed before our Finance Department gives the ‘green-light’ to be paid.

With this tedious task which is mainly done manually, we need at least 6 Days to process majorly thousands of Withdrawal Request Reviews. PAYOUTS would still be done from Friday to Sunday after the review. This means, although, you are expect to expect you payment anytime from placing your request starting from Tuesday, but we assure you that, you should expect your payment before Sunday or probably extend to Monday the following week. Withdrawal Request Portal would now be opened for only 24hours every week on Monday. You are expected to accumulate your earnings, keep earning, keep referring, then on Monday, you can place your WITHDRAWAL REQUEST and expect to get paid from Tuesday to Sunday even though the official time to get paid is from Friday to Sunday.



We thought about this new change amongst the team and thought this would be originally easy for our Members to getting paid weekly so as we do not extend the official time for our Members to get paid just as we’ve been delaying payment for some weeks now.

APPRECIATION: One thing is certain! is here to stay. Registering and purchasing the Earning Bundle is a lifetime opportunity to your Financial Freedom even though we are not a ‘GET-RICH-QUICK’ Platform.

We strongly want to make sure that every member respect our platform. This is because we dedicated 24/7 our time to platform to make sure the platform keeps growing.

We are humans and deserve to be commended and applauded deem necessary. If you have been paid on, do not hide the joy, the happiness, despite all the scams everywhere, we have stand upon waters and challenges; share your Payment alerts with others and let them see what you’ve earned and enjoyed so far on the platform.

WITHDRAWAL PORTAL would now be opened by MONDAY 12:00AM MIDNIGHT EVERY WEEK and CLOSES 11:59PM Weekly.

Inform your down lines, referrals and prospects to inform theirs as well.



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