IMPENDING WAR Looms In Biafra Territory, As Nnamdi Kanu Former Right Hand Man Blows Hot Against Him, Vows To Take Drastic…(see details)


A strong ally to the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Clifford Iroanya has threatened to take actions against IPOB leader and has issued a stern warning against any further attempt to tarnish his image. According to Daily Post reports, the caution is a fallout of a confession by one of Kanu’s right handed men, Candy Stallworth, in the United States of America (USA), before Honorable Judge.J Scott Duncan of the Circuit Court.

former ally, Iroanya threatens actions against IPOB leader, others

It was reported that she told the court that Mr.Kanu fed him with wrong and fake information which she used against Dr. Cliford Iroanya. In 2017. Ms. Candy Stallworth had reportedly made several against allegation against Dr. Iroanya, which included belonging to a terrorist group within and outside Nigeria.

Former ally, Iroanya threatens
It was further gathered that after failing to prove the allegations against Dr. Iloanya, Ms. Stallworth entered into a plea bargain in lieu of going into full court trial.Consequently, Dr. Iroanya, who said he was inundated with calls from all over the world from concerned friends and family members after reading the widely-circulated publications, instituted a lawsuit against Ms. Stallworth through his Attorney, Hunter R. Higdon, Esq. of James L. Chase & Associates, PLC (Attorneys and Counselors at Law) based in Pensacola-Florida.)

former ally, Iroanya threatens
In her plea bargain, Ms. Candy Stallworth affirmed the following “That all the allegations she made against Dr. Iroanya were false.

former ally, Iroanya threatens
“That she made those allegations based on false information she received from Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu,” and five others. Reacting to the judgement, which emanated from the plea bargain, Iroanya said “the lessons learnt here are that individuals should be more circumspect and measured in their utterances and writings.

“Also, those who receive information from their organizational leaders and associates must verify and critically analyse that information before making use of them because it could cause an embarrassing backlash as is the case of Ms. Candy Stallworth.“Lastly, those who go to social media to freely pour venoms and acidic words and making threats on others must desist because the consequences may be too damning on them.

“For Ms. Candy Stallworth, she has learnt her lessons and will never make such mistakes again in her life and if she does, then she will live with the consequences. “For the six indicted accomplices named in the judgement and their cohorts who are still defaming Dr. Iroanya and other innocent people, they are hereby urged to stop now or they will regret their actions sooner than later.

“Let these indicted accomplices and their cohorts take a little bit of their time to go through Section-373 to Section-375 of CAP. C38 L.F.N. 2004 (The extant Criminal Code Act/Law in Nigeria) for which culpability is independent of location, time, and media/platform upon which the defamatory actions were made.”

“They must understand that Dr. Iroanya will not hesitate to invoke and deploy this Law to send them to jail, should they continue with their defamatory activities,” Iroanya concluded.

Meanwhile, efforts to get reactions from IPOB’s spokesman, Comrade Emma Powerful was not successful as of the time of this report.