29-year-elderly person Arrested For Removing Neighbor’s Daughter’s Pants While Sleeping


A 29-year-elderly person, Rasaq Iyanda, has been captured by agents of the Osun State Police Command for supposedly evacuating the jeans of his co-inhabitant’s adolescent little girl (name retained) while she was resting.

The occurrence, as indicated by the police, occured on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, around 2am at the Dalegan Compound, Osogbo.

The dad of the person in question, essentially distinguished as Mr Raheem, while describing how the episode occurred, said the young person rested outside the room in light of warmth.

He said the young lady’s cry woke the inhabitants of the house and on getting to where she was dozing, it was found that her jeans had been taken off.

Raheem expressed that so as to get to the foundation of the issue, he counseled a cultivator, who disclosed to him that the culprit of the demonstration was living in a similar house with him.

He included that after he left the botanist’s place, a co-inhabitant, who had associated that Iyanda was the culprit with the demonstration, called and cautioned the speculate that desperate outcomes anticipated him in the event that he didn’t admit.

Iyanda, it was scholarly, possessed up to the wrongdoing and took Raheem to where he shrouded the jeans, asserting that he didn’t have the foggiest idea what came over him while completing the demonstration.

Showing up before an Osun State Magistrates’ Court sitting in Osogbo, on Tuesday, Iyanda conceded to the one tally of disgusting ambush favored against him.

His direction, Mr Tunbosun Oladipupo, connected for abandon his benefit and guaranteed to guarantee that the suspect would be accessible for preliminary.

The police examiner, Inspector Joshua Oladoye, be that as it may, questioned the safeguard application.

Justice Mary Awodele requested the charged to be remanded in the Ilesa Prison and suspended the case till March 12 for decision.