Two dead, 6 harmed as petroleum tanker detonates in Anambra


No less than two people were affirmed dead and six others harmed, when a tanker, completely stacked with petroleum, on Saturday night, slid off track and fell at Amawbia Junction, close to the Governor’s hotel in Awka, Anambra State.

The petroleum tanker, promptly, went up on fire.

Observers’ records said that no less than eight vehicles and some private structures inside the region were likewise annihilated in the inferno.

Onlooker account said that the flame happened before the Amawbia Fire Service and close to the Police Headquarters, Anambra Governor’s Lodge and other open structures.

Portraying his experience, one of the people in question, Mr Paul Igwemma, whose vehicle got copied in the flame, said the tanker was arranging a curve when it fell and in this manner burst into flares.

Igwemma, who was loaded with gestures of recognition to God, said he needed to surrender his vehicle and kept running for dear life.

“I saw the vehicle attempting to consult to this course and out of the blue, the tanker fell and hit the asphalt of the circuitous. Along these lines, I promptly came up short on my vehicle.

“Barely any seconds after, there was a blast joined by flame and as should be obvious, my vehicle is scorched to the point of being unrecognizable, together with around ten different vehicles,” he said.