Cardi b’s dress concealed message: this is the time of Venus rising


The rapper gathered her honor in a dress roused by Botticelli’s popular painting – an ideal decision for the brazen, intense and certain rising star.At real honor services, the weight is dependably on to have the best look, and vocalists fight it out for the most showstopping outfit of the night. At the Grammy Awards, held in Los Angeles the previous evening, Cardi B won pass on, brushing every other person off the phase in a vintage Thierry Mugler couture outfit.

Hailing from Mugler’s 1995 winter couture appear – itself made for the twentieth festival of the French house – the dress Cardi B wore is a tribute to The Birth of Venus, the

1480s painting by Botticelli, which delineates the goddess Venus ascending from the ocean on a scallop shell. The piece was initially worn on the catwalk by Roman model Siomnetta Gianfeplici:

Wow,that’s an incredible message