Photos: Friends mourn young Nigerian woman who gave birth to her first child on Monday, celebrated her birthday on Tuesday and died on Wednesday


A University of Ilorin graduate, Damilola Quadri has passed away in the wake of bringing forth her first tyke.

The young woman conceived an offspring on Monday, February fourth, commended her birthday on Tuesday, 5, and kicked the bucket on Wednesday, February 6.

A companion generally Damilola took to Facebook to grieve her passing. She composed:

“Knt still accept ure gone

U conceived an offspring on Monday, everyone compliment u

U praised ur btdae on Tuesday everyone wished

Nw wednesdae ure gone

So agonizing exist gone so soon damilola

May your spirit rest in impeccable harmony

Knt still accept ure gone Iqmot”

Another companion composed;


It is HARD to acknowledge the demise of a friend or family member; particularly when you didn’t get the opportunity to bid a fond farewell; particularly when the expired was taken so all of a sudden thus incredibly at the prime of life and most particularly when it appears as though an essential piece of your reality is no more. The misery and the torment can be horrendous; you cry a waterway and your distress knows no closure. You never truly comprehend what it resembles until you are there yourself, yet you look to God since he’s the special case who can comfort you.

Demise and to be sure a passing so sudden and difficult like the demise of my dear companion yester-night influences me to understand the curtness of life. We regularly underestimate life; excessively so. Her passing has influenced me to take a seat and reflect. . It’s made me place things in context. I need to live and adore it, I would prefer not to consume my time on earth being troubled or disappointed, I need to put a grin all over in light of the fact that that is the thing that can influence a dim day to appear to be brilliant and I need to play the round of life to the very end.

Ikimot is gone ; None of us can bring her back, regardless of how we cry, she is no more.

I met her amid my senior optional school days and we progressed toward becoming friends…. I miss aggravating you, you turned out to be a decent pal all through… After school we proceeded onward with our different life however regardless you remained as a companion Ikimot yet Today I got the news that you left this evil world…

I got the news online about the entry of the new soul (04/02/2019) yet I needed to wish you by calling or an unexpected visit, the second day(05/02/2019) was your birthday, I was occupied that I couldn’t wish you. I intended to get your number from a companion today to wish you however I got the stunning news I never expected that you have left the world yesterday(06/02/2019)… In what capacity would that be able to happen ?

Where is my Portable companion, that companion that whats she adores doing most is to grin. She is quiet, adoring, patient and inviting.. We as a whole think that its difficult to accept however in all actuality Quadri Ikimot Damilola has gone to rest. Everything we can do is to petition God for her… .

So for those of you who can relate to me in sadness, make it your plan to attempt and look past it and proceed onward yet the memory will exist for eternity

Passing is a graduation. When we’re encouraged every one of the things we came to instruct, adapted every one of the things we came to adapt, at that point we’re permitted to graduate. What a difficult exit

Oremi please rest in harmony however ensure you secure your child that you left for us.(AMEN)



Photographs: Friends grieve youthful Nigerian lady who brought forth her first tyke on Monday, commended her birthday on Tuesday and kicked the bucket on Wednesday

Photographs: Friends grieve youthful Nigerian lady who brought forth her first tyke on Monday, praised her birthday on Tuesday and kicked the bucket on Wednesday