This present Simi’s Reply To A Follower Who Said He Will Commit Suicide If She Doesn’t Marry Him Is Hilarious


Artist, Simi posted a photograph of herself shaking a shirt with the engraving, “Ruler” on it and subtitled it, “on the off chance that you overlooked”.

A devotee remarked beneath the image, compromising to submit sucide if Simi doesn’t wed him.Well, Simi wasn’t set up to cosset anybody and she gave him a savage answer.

Simi advised the supporter he would need to stretch out her welcome to Jesus.

As of late, Simi, who is at present on Honeymoon with her Husband, Adekunle Gold, additionally gave the ideal answer to a supporter who wished he met her before her significant other.

The fan said he wished he had met Simi before Adekunle Gold.

Simi answered, ‘So you can acquaint him with me”.