In the event that I were God, I’d send thunder and flame on all government officials in Nigeria – Clarke Read more.


– The lawful light says the main yield of pioneers Nigeria had were God-dreading, in contrast to what is realistic today

– Clarke demanded that the nation’s most noteworthy issue is defilement, which he said is being completed without risk of punishment

– The SAN communicated trust in another political framework in Nigeria; expressing that in the event that he were God, he would send thunder and fire on all legislators in the nation

A senior promoter of Nigeria, Robert Clarke, has deplored over the present harvest of political pioneers in the nation.

In a meeting with Punch, he refers to the beginning of military principle as the time when things got ugly in the nation.

noticed that the lawful light additionally blames the 1999 Constitution for empowering degenerate practices. He stated: “When we got freedom, the principal gathering (of pioneers) we had were God-dreading, not at all like the lawmakers that we have these days. Not that there was no renumeration and defilement but rather it was negligible.

So things were typical at that point. “Nigeria changed for the more terrible when the military assumed control. Certain people who realized a military officer would get something that others would never consider getting inside the following years, so we had what we called the nouveau riche (new cash or new rich) being made medium-term and it didn’t forecast well for Nigeria.

“We traveled into a purported popular government and it was prematurely ended by the military however when this change came in 1999, we were exceptionally unfortunate to have Nigerians who were extremely narrow minded; they sat down and framed what is known as the 1999 Constitution, putting together it with respect to the American framework.

“A Nigerian who had remained in America for a considerable length of time got back home and disclosed to me that we duplicated the American framework which is being worked by typical people yet the Nigerian framework is being worked by drifters. He said that was the distinction and it can never work and it has not worked.

“This is a constitution that enables a representative to take a seat and state that he needs N7bn for security vote. A representative honors all agreements without a delicate board. On the off chance that you are a magistrate, you can’t grant an agreement, a senator must do it.

“We have a constitution which additionally directs that by goodness of Section 5, every single official power vested can’t avoid being vested in the president. We have seen conditions whereby presidents in Nigeria misruled this nation.

“Nigeria has never had a pioneer and we are going to have beginning with President Muhammadu Buhari, who is attempting to stop debasement; which I trust he can’t do. In any case, he is attempting.”

Clarke demanded that the nation’s most noteworthy issue is debasement, which he said is being done without risk of punishment. He stated: “Defilement is the best worst thing about our general public.

It isn’t that there is no defilement in different spots since it exists in America and England yet with regards to debasement in Nigeria, there is this audacity that on the off chance that I do it, nothing would happen to me; and regardless of whether I do it and I am uncovered, individuals would not say anything.

“I am not a lawmaker and I don’t have faith in government officials since when you see the individuals who are campaigning for votes today, a significant number of them who had served in various positions ought to be stoned yet they are the general population approaching us to vote in favor of them today. “Governors have been detained today and are accepting pay rates in jail.

Huge numbers of them go to the Senate in the wake of leaving their governorship position and they are gaining fundamental pay rates at the Senate and getting benefits as being governors.