Two INEC Staff charged for supposed burglary of PVCs


Two Staff of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recognized as Monday Ifiesimama and Beesor Sorle, were on Thursday charged under the vigilant gaze of a Chief Magistrate Court in Port Harcourt for assumed designated offenses.

As demonstrated by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Darlington Ogolo, was in like manner charged near to the INEC experts.

Ifiesimama and Sorle were accused for trying to take 3,097 Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and pitching them to Ogolo.

Ogolo, on his part, was accused for settling Messrs Ifiesimama and Sorle with total of N300,000 and N120,000 independently as portion for the PVCs among May and August 2018.

The charged individuals, in any case, contended not obligated to the cases and Chief Magistrate S.D. Andrew-Jaja surrendered them to defend in the total of N100, 000 each .

One Philemon Lawrence, 25, who as far as anyone knows swaggered himself as INEC official,was in like manner charged. He was accused for hoodwinking dumbfounded people from individuals when all is said in done in the wake of promising his sad setbacks jobs as INEC exceptionally named staff.

The SSS asserted that the reviled individual accumulated N3, 800 each from people from general society ensuing to advancing his record on the web. Andrew-Jaja in like manner surrendered him to defend in the entire of N300,000 with surety in like aggregate. 📷: NANS