How We Killed Woman In Her Hotel In Lagos – Suspect


The police have caught a person from the pack that purportedly deceived and butchered a hotelier and her manager. The got suspect has opened up on how the awful show happened.

Olusola Olusoga, who had Etashol Hotels and Suites in Ojodu, Lagos, and the chief, Tunji Omikunle, were gagged on January 25 at the motel.

Dynamic Lagos police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal at the request base camp in Ikeja yesterday, said the suspect, Ehizojie Vincent, finished the exhibit with others free to move around at will.

He said the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) film available to the police exhibited the imagined by all of the suspects.

The game plan to burglarize the late hotelier, he expressed, was brooded by Vincent and four unique workers of the motel. The others are Henry Lolo, Okechi Light Ezi, Dubai and Dangote.

Vincent was caught in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where he fled to after the upsetting exhibit. “We overall agreed that we had no future in the association since we believed our chiefs were closefisted,” he said.

He said they set out to exploit the late hotelier of her neighborhood and outside money, being a London returnee.

To have a sans hitch movement, Vincent said they picked Lolo, to prepare Indomie noodle, bound with a rest prompting stimulant called SK, to be served for the masters.

“Our game plan worked, as we viably sent exchange experts to rest, beside the late boss, who was by then napping before he could be given the cured supper,” he included.

Edgal said the presumes’ undertaking to take the route to the late hotelier’s room from the late chief’s pocket besieged, as he woke up and fought with them at the get-together.

The chief, he expressed, was gagged in the midst of the battle, incorporating that in the wake of stifling him, they glanced through his pocket, yet couldn’t find the key. They by then went upstairs to the late hotelier’s room and obliged the portal open.

The police manager said they met the woman in the room and bound her hands and legs.

“When they were through, the woman had passed on. The hypothesizes stole her N50,000, jewels and different assets, yet couldn’t expel them from the hotel as a result of a neurotic dread of being tried by the police aggregate situated close to the motel. So they surrendered the loot in the motel, which have been recovered,” Edgal said.

He said attempts were on to catch the getting away suspects.